“The best iPhone music game I have ever played. Hands down!”
– B. Gunnells

He needs your help!

Kolo, the strange yet cute buddy from another universe, is on a journey and he needs your help! You’ll need to use your wits and rhythm as you help Kolo build musical masterpieces in a unique way you’ve never seen on any game before. Combining awesome CGI graphics that are Retina™ ready, multiple music visualizers that dance with the music, and a brand new killer music game aspect, Kolo’s Journey™ is no doubt one of the most original and fun games you’ll play on your iPhone or iPad.

What iOS Users Are Saying:

OMG this is fun. And the music is great too!
– A. Smith

I’ve been playing this non-stop since I bought it on my iPad. Graphics are gorgeous and it’s fun to boot.
– B. Stanley

Great game! 10 levels and tons of playtime. Fun music and the kids love it.
– W. Jones

Simon Says Meets Guitar Hero

Kolo Journey is a music adventure where you build a song that starts with nothing and turns into a monster dance floor hit.  Based on a combination of games like Guitar Hero, Simon Says and the PS2 cult hit Rez, first you’ll start off hearing nothing but a kick drum and a bassline.

You Are The Music Maker

After completing the “simon says” style puzzle, you’ll instantly unlock the next part of the song while keeping everything in tempo… maybe a blazing Synth line will come up… maybe a high hat.  You’ll never know until to finish the puzzle.  Each level completes a completely new underground dance music track!  You’ll know how to play without reading ANY instructions.  Easy to learn, difficult to master…

Never Before Released Soundtrack

International recording artist, Trey Smith, produced 10 brand new underground dance tracks just for this game.  Trey has been played and charted by the likes of Paul Oakenfold, DJ Taucher, John Digweed and Nick Warren.  You’ll hear unreleased house, tech house, trance and drum and bass tracks that will rock your world.  Each level will feature at least 7 different “sections” the tracks that you’ll unlock as finish the puzzles.

10 High Energy Levels… With Over 200 puzzles!

You’ll get 10 levels that EACH have their very own dance music track for you to make.  You’ll also have access to 3 different difficulty levels (normal, kinda hard, extreme) giving you over 210 different puzzles to play!  This one will keep you coming back for more and more!  Programmed by master programmer Nik Rudenko, you’ll absolutely LOVE playing this game!

About Us

Trey Smith & Nik Rudenko set out to build the most unique iPhone Music Game to date...

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